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Have You Seen a Cocktail Ottoman Table Like This?

Looking for a furniture accent piece that really makes a style statement? Need to add a little romance and glamour to create the perfect look for a room? This dramatic black & silver tufted ottoman could be exactly what you're looking for:

  • Soft black velvet fabric with a deep and plush cushion, attractively button-tufted for that perfect comfortable and elegant look.
  • Twin rows of 11mm Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks in White Diamond provide dazzle that's visible from a distance, along with a little extra texture that adds luscious pop.
  • The Diamond Heads frame a wide ribbon of black & silver finished metal in a chevron pattern, an Art Deco touch that really elevates the look. Ties in well with other patterns, or looks great as a stand alone accent
  • Ultra glamorous curved steel legs are elegant and flashy, with a little more of that Art Deco glam that never goes out of style.

The look is very soft and romantic – this piece invites you right into the room! The dramatic colors and sparkle also add a glam edge that is sexy and exciting. This ottoman can be the center of attention in any room or luxury walk-in closet, or provide support for a specific look.

Stylish Furnishings for Gorgeous Homes

You can buy this cocktail ottoman table as is, or let's talk about the style you have in mind and we can custom design one with the exact look you want, including your choice in size, colors, Diamond Heads, and legs. We can create a furnishing in any fashion style.

 Come in and take a look at what we have, you will be inspired by our selection of custom designed furnishings in all types of styles. Let's talk about ways to make your home really stand out!

Feathered Furnishing for a Flight of Fashion Fancy

The creative process is never predictable and sometimes you just have to go where it takes you... this feathered ottoman was an unexpected expedition to Glam Land. If you're in the mood to channel Paisley Park take note, because this is something that Prince would have loved!
The button-tufted pillow top is in a luxe raspberry velvet that's as soft and indulgent as it looks. That sparkling trim? Those are 20mm Kaleidoscope Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks that perfectly pick up the iridescent shimmer of the ebony feather skirt – together they are a combination that is fanciful, bold, and glamorous. Brushed gold-colored aluminum legs echo the Kaleidoscope DHUT stones and add another lavish layer.

This feather-skirted ottoman is designed to be a focal point in a room dedicated to the glam life. It would be wonderful in a guest room or a room for entertaining, or in a large walk-in closet to make a definitively luxurious statement.

Before the glamour infusion, this was a pretty traditional looking ottoman: functional and sturdy, but a little out of style and definitely in need of a makeover. Most furnishings just need a little love and a stylish plan to get a new lease on life – keep that in mind if you want a different look for your home but are put off by the cost of buying brand new furnishings.

Let's Discuss How To Make Your Home More Livable and Gorgeous!
Creative projects like this one are fun and allow me to really explore vivid looks and fun styles. If you have a specific look in mind and you need some help to progress it from the idea stage, we should talk. I'd love to work with you to help bring new ideas to life and deliver a look that you will adore!

Happy Creating!!

Much Love,


In this Episode of Furniture Rescue: You Don't Need Brand New, You Need Brand Wow!

Too many people are getting rid of perfectly good furnishings, when all they want is a change to the look or a style update. Here's a fact the furniture companies don't want you to know: a little rehab can absolutely transform the look of any furnishing.

Case in point is this bed transformation I recently pulled off for a client. She really, really loved her bed but wanted an updated look with a little more pop. Here's the “before” look:

This bed had a shabby chic, DIY kinda look with a monotone palette that definitely lacked eye appeal. She also loves my Howlite Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks and wanted those to be a major part of the new look.

So here's a peek at the “after” transformation:

What do you think, is that a dramatic change or what?!? Refinishing and a new paint job make the headboard look like it's just off the showroom floor. For that “little more pop” I added a field of button-tufted velvet with Howlite DHUT trim, for a look that is attractive, elegant and contemporary.

My client is ecstatic: she got the new look she desperately wanted and also got to keep her favorite bed. It's a win-win!

Don't Give Up on Your Favorite Furnishings!

The moral of this story: you don't have to buy new furnishings to get a fabulous new look. If you have furnishings you love, you can keep them AND rehab or update their style. It's a lot cheaper than buying new furnishings and you'll end up much happier because you can create a one-of-a-kind piece with gorgeous character and customize the look to something that perfectly matches your décor.

Do you want a new look for your old furnishings? It's easier than you think and less expensive than buying new. Let's talk – we can discuss ways to transform your décor and create a new look that will thrill you!

Happy Transforming!

Much love,



Welcome to Pacifique Maison Collection, Your New Interior Design Obsession!

We hope you've been missing our blogs and updates! We sure have been missing sharing with you! It's been a labor of love years in the making and now I'm proud to announce the debut of my new interior design studio, Pacifique Maison Collection in downtown Laguna Beach, CA. Pacifique Maison Collection is a collaboration of a full service design showroom, showcasing extraordinary furnishings, custom designs, and (of course!) my Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks.

(Pictured are some of my beautiful friends who came out to support my new endeavor)

Among the many, many treats inside for interior design fans and professionals:

  • Unique casegoods, including dressers, credenzas, tables, chests, and cabinets
  • Custom bedding and one-of-a-kind pillows
  • Fabulous wallpaper
  • Faux organic elements and seascape arrangements
  • Awesome accessories, including area rugs, cocktail books, candles and more

Pacifique Maison Collection is a wonderful local interior design resource, perfect for residential and commercial customers: come in and be inspired by our exquisite selection of contemporary & classic furnishings.

Design-to-Order Custom Upholstered Furnishings

Add supreme luxury, delightful character, and outstanding livability to your home with custom upholstered furnishings, including headboards, ottomans, chairs, sofas, and more.

Have a worn, out-of-date piece you want to revitalize? Need customized design for a specific style? Want furnishings made-to-order for just the right look? Pacifique Maison Collection is your source for individualized service. I'm happy to walk you through the design process: we can discuss what you're looking for and review a selection of designs that allow you to choose the perfect piece.

(Before and after bed. We painted it, added tufting in the center and Howlite Diamond Heads to create a new one of a kind showpiece for a master bedroom)

Whatever look you have in mind, I can help you create a winning look for the home of your dreams!

Commercial Interior Design Specialist

For commercial projects, I can help you define your brand, connect with and satisfy customers through appealing interior design. I've previously worked with numerous retail, commercial, and organizational clients to create spaces that are comfortable, attractive, and functional, to ensure customers are engaged throughout their visit. Please visit the Portfolio page to review some of the wonderful commercial spaces I've designed and helped create.

Please visit Pacifique Maison, whether you need pieces for a specific project, inspiration and professional support for your ideas, or just enjoying browsing beautiful contemporary interior design looks. Can't wait to see you!

Let me help you love your maison!

Much Love,


Back to the Furniture, or “How I Fast-Forwarded This Bedroom from the Year 2002!”

What you see above is a nice bedroom, but one that is stuck in an early 2000s style: safe colors, muted tones and a lack of pizzazz. Comfy but not inspiring, and the bedroom is a great place to let in some character and try for a more unique look.

This project actually started very simply, with just a fancy schmancy bench:

The colors are bold but not over the top, the black velvet fabric has an amazing depth and luxurious flair, and the Smokey-Grey Diamond Heads add just the right note of bling to make the whole thing really pop!

The homeowner loved the look of the bench so much that she wanted me to design the look of the entire room to match – this turned into a really fun project where I was able to apply a lot of creativity in creating a distinctive vision for the space.

Here's the finished bed, with end tables and accessories. It was easy to take those colors from the bench and expand on them, creating a look that is modern and up-to-date, but also vibrant and passionate! The tables, lamps and mirror all share clean lines and a sophisticated look that complements the colors wonderfully.

I used Smokey-Grey Diamond Heads to frame the headboard. The color is versatile, able to match without being too on-the-nose, and bed bling a great way to transform your bedroom from something that's not just functional but also a space with the power to inspire you!

Sometimes you start with something small, like a bench for the bedroom, and it sets you on a larger fashion journey that allows you to create something wonderful and memorable!

Why Is this Dog Smiling?

Probably because she just found this killer cool bench in a magical forest and now she's totally stoked to bring it home!

Actually, that's a cute story but not entirely true. This began as a request from a friend of mine, who asked me to consult with her on a restoration project on an older bench. She wanted to know A) what kind of fabric to use, and of course B) what would be the perfect Diamond Head stone to go with it?

Fast forward to the payoff, here's a closer look at how it turned out:

The fabric is a soft 'n' fuzzy peacock blue velvet that is lush and regal looking, perfect for a bench that will be a focal décor item. The Diamond Heads are the Kaleidoscope stones, which feature a swirl of shimmering colors, including a soft blue that picks up the fabric beautifully!

The bench goes in her entry way, you can see right away how the style and colors mesh with the design of the mirror to create a look that is distinctive and unified:

This bench also looks lovely in a magical forest setting, guarded by a beast both fearsome and savage:

Bottom line here: creating something lovely and memorable for your home requires a little inspiration and just enough follow through to get the job done. Diamond Heads can help you pull together the look you want, and there are so many different stones, with different colors and vibes, you are certain to find the ones that are just right.

Or,  you can just wait for your dog to find the perfect furnishing, in a magical forest – sometimes that works too!

Where VIPs Go to Kick Up Their Heels at Citadel Outlets

Here's another look at the Citadel Outlets VIP Lounge, which was a commission that allowed me to bring Diamond Heads into a commercial space and really explore how to create a look that is simultaneously relaxing and lavish.

Here's the entry, which is almost a space all its own:

I matched up 20mm Silver Diamonds stones with the brushed monochrome wall, which creates a glamorous little “twinkle” at each intersection. It's a subtle effect, but I think it's one that immediately grabs the eye and makes a winning first impression.

Now, on to the main lounge room:


It was so much fun to put my mark on this space with more than just Diamond Heads. I wanted this room to feel big, comfortable and balanced with a thematic use of colors that feels unified. As you can see, there's plenty of space to chill out and recuperate at the end (or maybe in the middle!) of a shopping frenzy, with a place to set your bags and enjoy some serenity.

Here's a closer look at the centerpiece chairs:

The chairs in the lounge are obviously a focal point and need to blend style and function: a lounge chair that looks great is fine, but it needs to also be a comfortable refuge for tired shoppers. The chairs are custom made and upholstered and I added red Eye of the Tiger Diamond Heads from the Luster Collection. These are one of my favorite stones: each one is unique, the colors are exquisite and they really pick up the red and ivory colors of the room and décor.

If you spend some time at the Citadel Outlets, it's well worth your while to visit the VIP Lounge for at least a few minutes – an oasis of calm and peace in a sea of amazing sales!

When You're at Citadel Outlets and You Need a Few Moments to Chill...

When the outlet grind gets too exhausting, you may be tempted to pack it in and call it a day. But maybe all you need to recharge your shopping batteries is some down time in a tranquil and attractive setting. That's the idea behind this custom made luxury bench I designed that sits in the women's restroom in the Citadel Outlets VIP Lounge:

This was a fun commission for me because I got the opportunity to really spotlight the Purple Luster Diamond Head stone: the sparkling, luscious violet hue with hints of blue and pink coordinates perfectly to tie in the stripes on the pillow and the accent art. Purple Luster stones also are a wonderful contrast with the plush ivory vinyl of the bench:

This was also an opportunity to take an area that is underutilized from a functionality standpoint and rehabilitate it into a space that not only looks appealing and supports the visual style of the Citadel Outlets, but also can actually perform as intended: a space that is comfortable and restful and serves a useful purpose for visitors.

The VIP Lounge is a really relaxing and upscale space, I was lead designer on the project and I'll have more about it soon!

So, if you're visiting Citadel Outlets and the designer clothes are all starting to look the same and even the gorgeous shoes are losing their allure, drop into the lounge for a few minutes to set a spell and find your happy place again... then get back to finding the perfect pair of ankle-strap sandals!

Diamond Heads Featured in Stylish Kim Weiss Design Chair

Kim Weiss Design is a full service residential and commercial interior design firm based in Cold Spring Harbor, NY – Kim works mostly in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester, but has clients and commissions that send her around the country.

Kim recently got in touch to let me know that one of her most recent luxury chair designs was featured in the window display for Pink Aid's 2nd Annual Luncheon & Fashion Show at Mitchells | Marshs of Huntington. Check out the before and after pix to see what can be done with a secondhand chair, professional design inspiration, and some Diamond Heads:

Kim Weiss Design said to me, “We love making custom designs for our clients and are always looking for new and unique products. We were so happy to find these rose quartz nail heads, perfect for our Pink Aid chair design.”

The chair is gorgeous and the Rose Quartz Diamond Heads look great with the rose & gray color palette. This is just another lesson that even the most tired old furnishings can be brought back to life (and contemporary design relevance) with the help of Diamond Heads!

It's also exciting because Pink Aid is such a great cause. The organization helps underserved women receive breast cancer screenings and assists those undergoing treatment for breast cancer with access to financial aid and support services. Seeing Diamond Heads in the window display and knowing they'll be part of accomplishing a wonderful mission is truly heartwarming!

Congratulations Kim, your hard work has your chair center stage where it belongs. Thank you for making Diamond Heads a part of your fabulous design!

Just in Time for the Holidays, a Stylish Cat Bed Makeover by Diamond Heads

Dogs and cats living together?!? During the holiday season all things are possible...

It all started when Spencer decided his cat bed was plenty comfy, but lacked a little something in the swag department. It's a sentiment I feel like we can all understand! Here's Spencer trying to pretend he's not sad about his not-festive-enough bed:

Don't fret, Spencer – your Mom will save you! Spencer's Mom decided to kill two birds with one stone, with a cat bed makeover that will not only cheer Spencer, but also be a festive décor accent for the Christmas season. Here's what she did:

Step 1: Gently remove Spencer from cat bed.

Step 2: Select festive fabric, in this case a beautiful red velvet ribbon, to lay across the front.

Step 3: Fix ribbon in place and page through the Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks catalog to find just the right ones to create a " Santa's belt" that Spencer will love! (Mom went with the 15mm White Diamonds and 11mm Black Diamonds, all in the Gold settings.

Step 4: Diamond Heads have been chosen, now the easy part: using the spacing tool to easily create a professional looking design.

Step 5: It literally took only an hour to tap in the Diamond Heads and create a cat bed that Spencer loves AND that can be a décor focal point that really brings the holiday season home.

Spencer's so happy, he even invited his brother for some snuggle time... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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