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Interior Designer Making Fabulous Happen with Diamond Heads

I received a wonderful letter in my inbox yesterday, from Chicago-area interior designer Michael J. Moore, who's been using Diamond Heads in select designs for several years. Michael has over... Read More

I Rescued this Adorable Chair from Fashion Purgatory

Check out this sad little chair I found at Home Goods: Poor little guy, it looks like it's wearing a polyester blazer :( However, if you look closely you can... Read More
Diamond Head Video Series Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Diamond Head Video Series

Video – Introducing My Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks Introduction Video! This vid will be old news for many of you who have been following me for a while (thank you!!!)... Read More

Glam Ottoman Solves Tiny Tot Toy Storage Trouble, Brings Royal Treatment to any Room

This glammed up storage ottoman is one of my favorite examples of how Diamond Heads let you create new pieces that blend eye-catching style with perfect function. Here's a familiar... Read More
crystal upholstery tacks

Designers and Retailers: Use Unique and Luxurious Furniture Tacks that Inspire Your Creativity and Glamorize Your Furniture Inventory

Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks are made with interior designers and furniture retailers in mind: these beautiful decorative upholstery tacks can change the way you do business. How You Can Use... Read More