Exciting new Product Launch!! Introducing Mother of Pearl! Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Exciting new Product Launch!! Introducing Mother of Pearl!

Introducing... Genuine Mother of Pearl Diamond Heads!

It's been a while since we've introduced a new Diamond Head, so please welcome Mother of Pearl to the family! I'm always excited to be inspired by new colors and vibes – mother of pearl adds a distinctive energy that has been perfect for my most recent design project.

The iridescent shimmer of genuine Mother of Pearl is unmistakable. Swirling ivory hues are accented with subtle pastel tones that change according to the light. The look is luxurious and versatile, suitable for a wide variety of styles and palettes.

Mother of pearl is associated with calming and healing energies; and is believed to bring peacefulness to spaces devoted to learning, wisdom, and rest.

Mother of Pearl Chair Transformation

Here's a first look at what mother of pearl can do for a set of chairs that needed a little pick-me-up. Before, you can see these chairs were drab and boring, with the standard nickel-domed furniture nails. The after shows off a spectacular change: now they're glamorous, sophisticated, and their shimmer fills the space with a luxurious light.

These chairs went from cheap to chic and all it took was swapping out the old nails for Diamond Heads – fast, simple, and a fraction of the cost of new furnishings!

It's a Mother of Pearl Friendsgiving!

This Thanksgiving, aka Friendsgiving table setting shows how Mother of Pearl Diamond Heads can add to a warm and elegant vibe. They complement the quartz tabletop perfectly, creating a very sophisticated look that's perfect for a slightly formal but superbly fun and festive occasion. Round up the girls, let's celebrate the holiday in style!

These are so new that they are not yet on our site. If you'd like to have them for your holiday celebration contact me and we'll get them out to you!

That's it for now – let me know what you think about the new mother of pearl Diamond Heads and share any ideas or projects you have in mind with them.