Green with Envy  A Velvet & Malachite Throne Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Green with Envy – A Velvet & Malachite Throne

This gorgeous restored chair is so green it's like a vivid emerald vibe come to life! Sometimes a chair is just a chair and other times it's a centerpiece able to define the energy for an entire space:

  • You know by now that slipper chairs are among my favorites, this one has that distinctive design that is plush, comfy & just demands to be lounged in
  • Malachite Diamond Heads were an easy choice, the subtly lighter hue actually makes the darker fabric pop, along with adding an interesting textural element that begs to be experienced
  • Speaking of that fabric, the color adds to its lush shimmer... can't you just imagine the dense & smooth feel of the rich velvet beneath your fingertips?
  • Vivid emerald color commands any space with neutral colors, especially with patterned accessories that will add to the appeal
  • Obviously fits perfectly into any green-themed space & helps intensify feng shui energies of renewal & regeneration 
  • Can find an ideal home in a living room, bedroom, office, or entertaining area & not only add tremendous style but also provide very comfortable seating that inspires a festive spirit

This was an exciting project and I'm really looking forward to finding the perfect home for this extraordinary chair. If your New Year's resolution is to bring beauty into your life, this chair will bring your goal within reach!

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