Interior Designer Making Fabulous Happen with Diamond Heads

I received a wonderful letter in my inbox yesterday, from Chicago-area interior designer Michael J. Moore, who's been using Diamond Heads in select designs for several years. Michael has over 35 years experience creating a variety of styles for his clients, everything from contemporary to traditional, and I love his ability to innovate within styles to create interior looks that are both timeless and enticingly unique.

 First, take a look at this gorgeous headboard he created for his own home (love the doggie stairs!):

Michael used Catalina Sunset Diamond Heads, because he wanted stones that could show off finer detail rather than go all-in for bling. Nice choice! The understated yet sophisticated shimmer in our Catalina Sunset picks up colors from around the room and ties in a unified look, without making a too-on-the-nose match that's dull and predictable.

Next, here's a really bold look: check out how Michael transformed for a client this country French settee:

I love the incredibly vivid color choice for the new upholstery, and the way Michael used Rhinestone Diamond Heads to accent a complete re-imagining of a very traditional style of furnishing. It's a dramatic look and one that can completely turn a room into an unforgettable showpiece space.

If you are using Diamond Heads for your interior design creations and have pictures to share, I'd love to see them. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing them in action, and seeing all the wonderful transformations that make fabulous happen! Contact me directly to send your pix.

Tune in for the next episode of this blog – I'll have some new projects to show you soon, as well as the latest Diamond Heads news!