When You're at Citadel Outlets and You Need a Few Moments to Chill... Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

When You're at Citadel Outlets and You Need a Few Moments to Chill...

When the outlet grind gets too exhausting, you may be tempted to pack it in and call it a day. But maybe all you need to recharge your shopping batteries is some down time in a tranquil and attractive setting. That's the idea behind this custom made luxury bench I designed that sits in the women's restroom in the Citadel Outlets VIP Lounge:

This was a fun commission for me because I got the opportunity to really spotlight the Purple Luster Diamond Head stone: the sparkling, luscious violet hue with hints of blue and pink coordinates perfectly to tie in the stripes on the pillow and the accent art. Purple Luster stones also are a wonderful contrast with the plush ivory vinyl of the bench:

This was also an opportunity to take an area that is underutilized from a functionality standpoint and rehabilitate it into a space that not only looks appealing and supports the visual style of the Citadel Outlets, but also can actually perform as intended: a space that is comfortable and restful and serves a useful purpose for visitors.

The VIP Lounge is a really relaxing and upscale space, I was lead designer on the project and I'll have more about it soon!

So, if you're visiting Citadel Outlets and the designer clothes are all starting to look the same and even the gorgeous shoes are losing their allure, drop into the lounge for a few minutes to set a spell and find your happy place again... then get back to finding the perfect pair of ankle-strap sandals!