Where VIPs Go to Kick Up Their Heels at Citadel Outlets Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Where VIPs Go to Kick Up Their Heels at Citadel Outlets

Here's another look at the Citadel Outlets VIP Lounge, which was a commission that allowed me to bring Diamond Heads into a commercial space and really explore how to create a look that is simultaneously relaxing and lavish.

Here's the entry, which is almost a space all its own:

I matched up 20mm Silver Diamonds stones with the brushed monochrome wall, which creates a glamorous little “twinkle” at each intersection. It's a subtle effect, but I think it's one that immediately grabs the eye and makes a winning first impression.

Now, on to the main lounge room:


It was so much fun to put my mark on this space with more than just Diamond Heads. I wanted this room to feel big, comfortable and balanced with a thematic use of colors that feels unified. As you can see, there's plenty of space to chill out and recuperate at the end (or maybe in the middle!) of a shopping frenzy, with a place to set your bags and enjoy some serenity.

Here's a closer look at the centerpiece chairs:

The chairs in the lounge are obviously a focal point and need to blend style and function: a lounge chair that looks great is fine, but it needs to also be a comfortable refuge for tired shoppers. The chairs are custom made and upholstered and I added red Eye of the Tiger Diamond Heads from the Luster Collection. These are one of my favorite stones: each one is unique, the colors are exquisite and they really pick up the red and ivory colors of the room and décor.

If you spend some time at the Citadel Outlets, it's well worth your while to visit the VIP Lounge for at least a few minutes – an oasis of calm and peace in a sea of amazing sales!