Costa Azul Diamond

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Size 11mm Silver Setting



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Introducing the Costa Azul Diamond Upholstery Nail

Our Costa Azul stones feature a shimmery, seductive sapphire color with a gorgeous ombré effect that shows off shades of aqua and indigo from different angles. These stones have a sophisticated look that can help your projects make a luxurious statement.

  • Blue stones have traditionally been believed to inspire healing & calming energies
  • In Feng Shui, blue is associated with wisdom, clarity & inspiration
  • Costa Azul stones pop against neutral colors, or create perfect accents in blue-themed spaces

Our Costa Azul gemstones, boasting an enchanting and alluring sapphire hue accompanied by a captivating ombré display, revealing varying tones of aqua and indigo as they catch the light from diverse perspectives. These stones exude an air of refinement that has the potential to elevate your endeavors into realms of opulence.

Across cultures, blue gemstones have long been associated with promoting therapeutic and soothing vibes, encouraging a sense of tranquility. In the realm of Feng Shui, the color blue aligns with attributes such as sagacity, lucidity, and creative spark. Costa Azul gemstones possess the remarkable ability to stand out strikingly against neutral backgrounds, serving as exquisite focal points, or to be seamlessly integrated as harmonious embellishments within spaces adorned with blue motifs. Their multifaceted beauty is primed to transform environments and imbue them with a touch of elegance and significance.