Amazonite Natural Stone Upholstery Nail

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Size 11mm

Color Gold Setting



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Why choose Amazonite Natural Stone Upholstery Nail?

Drawing inspiration from the formidable and captivating Amazon warriors, Amazonite, a semi-precious gem, has been closely linked with potent equilibrium-enhancing energies. Its entrancing green and blue-green shades exude a comforting aura, seamlessly harmonizing with settings that embody inspiration and aesthetics.

Much like its counterparts in the color spectrum, Amazonite shares the association with both influential and pacifying energies, making it a sought-after gem for energy healing and chakra harmonization. In the realm of Feng Shui, Amazonite aligns with the elemental essence of Water, traditionally linked to the northern sector representing career and life journey aspects within a residence.

The versatility of Amazonite gemstones shines as they effortlessly complement analogous hues, offering supportive accents, or provide contrasting elements to infuse vitality into spaces dominated by neutral tones. With its multifaceted attributes, Amazonite stands as a choice adornment capable of revitalizing surroundings with a dynamic touch while preserving a sense of balance.