Diamond Heads Featured in Stylish Kim Weiss Design Chair

Diamond Heads Featured in Stylish Kim Weiss Design Chair

Kim Weiss Design is a full service residential and commercial interior design firm based in Cold Spring Harbor, NY – Kim works mostly in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester, but has clients and commissions that send her around the country.

Kim recently got in touch to let me know that one of her most recent luxury chair designs was featured in the window display for Pink Aid's 2nd Annual Luncheon & Fashion Show at Mitchells | Marshs of Huntington. Check out the before and after pix to see what can be done with a secondhand chair, professional design inspiration, and some Diamond Heads:

Kim Weiss Design said to me, “We love making custom designs for our clients and are always looking for new and unique products. We were so happy to find these rose quartz nail heads, perfect for our Pink Aid chair design.”

The chair is gorgeous and the Rose Quartz Diamond Heads look great with the rose & gray color palette. This is just another lesson that even the most tired old furnishings can be brought back to life (and contemporary design relevance) with the help of Diamond Heads!

It's also exciting because Pink Aid is such a great cause. The organization helps underserved women receive breast cancer screenings and assists those undergoing treatment for breast cancer with access to financial aid and support services. Seeing Diamond Heads in the window display and knowing they'll be part of accomplishing a wonderful mission is truly heartwarming!

Congratulations Kim, your hard work has your chair center stage where it belongs. Thank you for making Diamond Heads a part of your fabulous design!


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