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Play with My New Custom Headboard Design Tool!

Here is something REALLY FUN to play with, it’s my new interactive Custom Headboard Design Tool. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the link and you’ll see a big ol’ headboard -- think of it as a blank canvas, and this is your chance to create your masterpiece!
  2. First choose a fabric color: you have 12 exotic and gorgeous colors to choose from, go ahead and go crazy.
  3. Next, choose your Diamond Head setting: silver, gold, or black (don’t worry, you can always change your choices later).
  4. Now choose what style Diamond Head you want to add, you have 29 different stones to choose from.
  5. Mix, match, play, explore, create, innovate, enjoy!

It’s incredibly fun and satisfying to find out how different Diamond Heads make different color headboards really pop. This tool gives you a chance to really channel your inner designer and explore how Diamond Heads can create very specific styles and looks, and you can use the magnifying glass tool to get an up-close look at your creation.

Choose the Tiffany fabric with silver settings and White Diamonds to create a Frozen-inspired headboard fit for a princess. Or choose the Saffron fabric with gold settings and the Brazilian Glows to create a look that is warm and indulgent. The combinations are endless; let your imagination guide you!


Of course, this is not just a toy. If you happen to be looking for that perfect custom made headboard to complete a room, here’s where you can find it! There are just two extra steps: choose a size, and then place your order. I have additional choices available for fabric color and headboard size and shape, so definitely let’s talk about exactly what you want and I’ll make certain you get it!

So go for it, play around with the Custom Headboard Design Tool, and if you create something you really like place an order and I’ll make it for you!

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